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Austin is an innovative Kingdom Coach committed to helping you achieve high-value influence, impact, and income in your online business. His successful marketing strategies is rooted in his decade of experience in leading, coaching, and consulting. Click the button below to access his highly requested "Kingdom Purpose Tracker" for Influencers & Coaches.
From the moment I met him I knew this man had a good core...he is a servant with good energy. Austin has a way of speaking to the superhero version of yourself. The one that knows there is more meant for you and that you can show up in the world and serve at a greater level. 

Steven Mays

Founder of Vital Body Coaching

Austin is a tremendous coach, has a very positive outlook on life and also has an incredible knowledge base to be able to help you live your best life.

Dr. Brad Wolf

Chiropractor, Visionary, Entrepreneur

Applying the strategies that Austin gave me and seeing them work was really exciting for me.

Elena Pemberton

Consultant Coach for Food Industry Business Owners

I'm working on Todd 2.0 and looking forward to what that fully looks like...I'm already seeing changes!

Todd Stayner

Founder of Red Pill News Rant and ToddCast

Austin spoke at my Legacy Healers summit...he brought incredible fire and value for my audience!

Jerome Johnson II

Consultant , Author and Healer

Austin has been my coach for about 3 or 4 weeks now and in this time I've gotten my very first paying clients! Austin has helped me feel empowered and after a year of struggling, he has helped me get my legs as a coach!

Tara Hebert

Mindset Coach

My life hasn't been the same ever since! I'm in much better pictures, I'm doing things on Netflix, I'm feeling invigorated, I'm healthier than I've ever been and I'm going to attribute it to the way that Austin Blanchfill coached me.

Al Pachino - [Todd Stayner impression]

Founder of Red Pill News Rant and Podcast

I just want to thank Austin...your energy is infectious. What a special heart you have how your intention is to not only help your family but complete strangers.

Jennifer Levine

Law of Attraction Entrepreneur

Without you I wouldn't be here where I'm at today. Seeing the impact I made on my audience and how much I changed their life with just a few sessions is incredible and it wouldn't have been possible without Austin's help.

Vasi Siedman

Professional Photographer and Virtual Persona Coach

If you have any coaching needs...Austin's the one to go to. I was stuck and had so many ideas in my head and he helped put what was in my head and narrowed it down to the one thing to focus one. He listens to you and has great business sense.

Denise Nelson

Visual Arts Healer for Veteran Women

He is one good want to feel the best you've ever felt in your life? Get into his coaching program, listen to him, humble yourself and then you'll become like me...Jason Statham.

Jason Statham [Todd Stayner impression]

Founder of Red Pill News Rant and ToddCast

If you're considering working with Austin and having him help you reach your goals...he's such a great guy and he is so full of compassion. He genuinely cares where you are in your life to help you. He has such an amazing energy and brings joy to your heart.

Christina Schumacher

Founder of Rising On Fire

Austin is a really great coach and totally believes in each individual. He was able to help me continue to identify and reach the next step. I highly recommend Austin. You will get a great experience working with him.

Colleen Hawk

Law of Attraction Coach for Women

I want to thank you Austin for your program you are doing!

Melissa Alves

Empowerment Coach for Women

Austin is an excellent guide and advocate for his customers. He helped me get on track organizationally and professionally...I really can't speak to his services high enough...he did such a great job.

Lucas Smithbauer

Computer Tech Software Developer

II experienced a peak state of energy and accomplishment when a client contracted with me a $3,000 project and paid $1,500 up front.

Multiple Client Written Results and More
From experiencing successful business/entrepreneur startups - to experiencing proper health in the midst of being diagnosed with an "incurable disease," Austin has business and life experience to serve you in multiple ways.
Austin has been helping coaches figure out their exact niche, purpose, and vision but also helping them with strategy, execution, and client acquisition. His "Impact to Income Selling System" is a specific formula to help you as a coach unleash your influence and impact to turn into high income. Click the button below to schedule your free strategy session with him.
With extreme success in implementing today's top marketing strategies for his clients and himself, Austin coaches these strategies to help you land your dream clients every week inside of a private coaching Facebook group. Click the button below to join.
Austin has created and implemented effective marketing strategies to grow his clients' businesses. He's helped clients create a "wait list" business by 4xing their new patient acquisition. Austin also has high-quality video and content production experience to be your go-to source for anything marketing.
Austin has ten years of website building, design, and hosting experience and manages multiple client websites. He utilizes a website platform that's an all-in-one tool completely designed for streamlining your online services with built-in email automation, lists, campaigns, unlimited web pages, funnel experiences, and more.
Austin has worked with multiple 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs to bring value to their audience in different speaking engagements such as in-person events, podcasts, interviews, videos, live Q&As, worship events (in-person & virtual/online), and sponsorship opportunities, etc. Top entrepreneurs he's worked with include, Nick & Megan Unsworth, Coffey Anderson, James Malinchak, Justin Bell, Matt Hersh, LaKeisha Michelle, Billy Sticker, John Malott, and more!
Discover how Austin grew his Instagram account from 1K followers to 100,000+ followers in 100 days without using paid ads or spending more than 20 minutes a day on Instagram.

Austin has always had a strong passion for leadership and helping people in the best way possible. He reflected on how he can lead, inspire and motivate Christians and Entrepreneurs on Instagram in a unique way. That is when he developed the Instagram Growth Hack Strategy.

Within his first month of using this strategy, Austin gained 40,000+ followers, had 5 videos with over 1 million+ views, 28 with over 100,000+ views, multiple with over 100,000+ likes, reached 7.7+ million accounts, and engaged 737,000+ accounts.

He currently has over 41+ Million Video Views on Instagram and has reached 20+ Million Instagram accounts.
From Disease To WonLifestyle
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Our highest priority is helping you to get the answers that you need in order to live the life that you desire - full of quality health. We are here for you and want to help you in the best way that we can. We offer a thorough consultation, examination and a 1-on-1 detailed report for you. We focus on finding the root cause of your symptoms which can be limiting you from reaching your goals. Whether you are an athlete, looking to perform optimally, or someone who is in pain and wanting to function normally without pain....we're here for you. If your ready to take the next step to reach your desired health goals, simply click on our button below and fill out the information so we can reach out to you and setup your initial appointment.
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Austin has worked with multiple entrepreneurs and business owners to bring incredible value to their audiences, including top entrepreneurs Nick and Megan Unsworth of Life On Fire. 

Hire Austin today for speaking engagements to support you and your event or contact him for sponsorship opportunities to promote your product or service to over 140,000 of his followers.
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I help you unleash your Kingdom Influence through simple, viral and impactful content to land your dream clients, without spending money on ads using my C4 Influence to Income Selling System.

Giving You The Right Systems & Support To Maximize Your Influence, Impact, & Income


Better time management to focus on all things that you love.


Making a meaningful impact that will last for generations.


Living your best life completely on purpose.
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