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Are you tired of your online content getting lost in the vast digital sea, feeling like a lone candle in darkness?

Do you want to leave a mark on the online world, one that resonates through the ages, not only in the depths of hearts but also in the wealth of your business?

I understand your journey – those late nights, the persistent burnout, and the overwhelming frustration of tirelessly spinning your wheels, all while searching for the elusive key that unlocks true online success.

But today, I extend to you an invitation to experience a profound shift where your God-given influence becomes a radiant beacon of light in the digital darkness.

Welcome to the Kingdom Purpose Masterclass, where I firmly believe that your online journey can transcend the ordinary, becoming both purpose-driven and profit-driven while perfectly aligning with God's divine plan.

It's time to break free from the frustration and confusion holding you back, as Proverbs 16:3 (NIV) reminds us, "Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans."

It's time to fully harness your influence, unleashing it to create a lasting generational impact and to build genuine wealth in your business, driven by the profound difference you make in the lives of others.

The legendary Billy Graham prophesied, "One of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the marketplace."

That's precisely why I'm here – to help you step into your God-given purpose, to be a blessing for high impact, and to ensure that your influence in the marketplace is not just substantial but transformative.

Join us as we embark on an extraordinary journey that empowers you to create viral videos that don't just reach millions but touch souls, ignite change, and inspire action.

My mission is crystal clear: to guide you in unlocking the power of your purpose, recognizing the profound influence you were designed to wield, and allowing the wealth that naturally flows from the lasting impact of excellent stewardship.

Together, we'll unveil success secrets with faith, purpose, and action.

We'll navigate the digital landscape with unparalleled clarity, empowering you to step boldly into your God-ordained role as a coach, consultant, creator, influencer, speaker, author, entrepreneur, or business owner.

Your journey to impactful, wealth-building content creation begins here and now. 

Remember the words of Isaiah 48:17 (NIV): "I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go."

In the online social media world, let us represent God with our words and through every post.

Our content can touch lives and teach others how to profit in the abundance of God's grace. 

Take action today, step into your purpose, and let your influence shine forth for His glory.
Austin Blanchfill
Social Media Coach
CEO of WonLifestyle
Social Media & Digital Marketing Impact
"This guy knew what he was doing with social media and 30 days reel BLEW UP! 900k Views & 4k+ followers. There's not a day goes by that I don't receive likes, comments, & followers."

Josh D'Aniello

Speaker, Pastor, Social Media Agency Owner

Dr. Greg Blanchfill - Chiropractor
Health Revolution Chiropractic

"Austin helped us create a waitlist practice. 5 New Clients per day and tripled business revenue."

Jessica Cornejo - Online Fitness Coach

"Launched online fitness program, multiple clients, and increased content, engagement, & following."

Dr. Paul Reed - Chiropractor, Coach @DrPaulReedOfficial @ChiroFest

"Austin has been helping me expand my influence online...he's as real as they get."

Get access today and receive bonus video modules, community, resources & more.

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Tara Hebert - Mindset Coach

"After a year of struggling, I hired Austin as my coach and I've gotten paid clients, podcast opps, & more!"

Ying McLane - Artist & Online Creativity Coach @YingMcLane

"After working with him for 1 month my social media reach GREATLY increased...I've learned more from his program than any other program."

AJ Martinez - WordPress Website Developer @PowerfulDigitalSolutions

Landed multiple client projects $1.5k, $3k, $7k, & hosted first in-person paid workshop.

Dr. David Brillhart - Psychologist & Owner of Pain Management Clinic

"Great big thank you Austin for how you approach my business with marketing...professional & personal approach...put my mind at ease."

Alex Toth - Funnel Expert

"It was absolutely other strategy session has provided as much value."

Zach Taylor - Online Fitness Coach @FormerFatDaddy

"When I connected with him everything started to change... I've been able to gain clients within the first couple weeks of launching my business."

Get access today and receive bonus video modules, community, resources & more.

Retail: $297 | Save 90% [pre-launch discount]


Get access today and receive bonus video modules, community, resources & more.

Retail: $297 | Save 90% [pre-launch discount]


Get access today and receive bonus video modules, community, resources & more.

Retail: $297 | Save 90% [pre-launch discount]


The time is ripe. We're living in an era where digital connections transcend boundaries, where a single post can spark change, and where your unique message has the potential to resonate with a global audience.

The digital realm is not just a platform; it's a mission field, and you have a vital role.

The hunger for authentic voices, genuine guidance, and heartfelt assistance has never been stronger.

By stepping into your online influence, you're answering a call to action and filling a void in a world thirsty for positivity, wisdom, and transformation.

The digital landscape is your canvas, and your influence is the brushstroke that can paint a brighter, more hopeful future for countless individuals.
A crucial cornerstone of your success lies in gaining crystal-clear clarity on your vision and mission in the marketplace.

It's about peering into the very essence of your brand, understanding the profound 'why' behind your business, and aligning it with God's divine purpose.

This clarity becomes your North Star, guiding every decision, every post, and every interaction online.

The compass steers you through the digital wilderness with unwavering precision.

As you grasp this powerful insight, you'll witness a profound shift in your content creation and experience a deeper connection with your audience.

Your purpose-driven content will resonate, your influence will amplify, and your impact will be immeasurable. Join us to unlock this key to online success and transform your digital presence.
We're not just about sharing generic marketing tactics but about revealing powerful, proven strategies that produce extraordinary results.

Imagine uncovering the precise strategy that catapulted content to reach over 30 million people online in less than 10 months.

This isn't a vague promise; it's a testament to what's possible when your purpose meets the right plan.

We'll dissect the very techniques and methodologies that fueled this remarkable journey.

You'll look inside the mechanics of viral content, the art of audience engagement, and the science of shareability.

This invaluable knowledge isn't just about reaching numbers; it's about making a genuine, lasting impact on hearts and minds.

Join us to unlock these time-tested strategies, and watch as your online presence transforms into a force of inspiration and influence, reaching farther and touching more lives than you ever thought possible.
From a young age, Austin discovered a divine calling on his life, leading him on a journey of leadership, business, and marketing. 

For over a decade, he's been dedicated to helping clients establish their vision and mission, bringing it to life online, reaching more people, making a lasting impact, and generating substantial revenue.

What sets him apart is the profound influence of his faith. Rooted in Christ, every Christian possesses a unique and bold force. This conviction has guided his work, and he's been blessed to witness remarkable results.

Over the years, he's developed a substantial online presence, amassing 145,000+ followers across my platforms and organically reaching over 34+ million people with 250+ viral videos. His journey has led him to collaborate with esteemed companies such as Life Surge, Life on Fire, Kingdom 320, and more.

He's worked alongside well-known entrepreneurs like Jason & David Benham [the Benham Brothers], Nick & Megan Unsworth, James Malinchak, Coffey Anderson, Dr. Paul Reed, Dr. Matt Hubbard, Dayne Kamela, Tamra Andress, and others.

He's been featured on multiple podcasts, including Man of Honor, Chasing the Insights, Faith + Biz, Crowned Legacy, and more. He's also had numerous in-person speaking engagements.

Outside his professional endeavors, he and his wife, Brianna, serve as worship leaders at their local church.

Together, they have a worship ministry that takes them to events throughout the U.S., where they aim to help people experience the power of God's perfect and loving presence.

His mission is to empower individuals to recognize their unique influence and make a significant impact, all while remaining rooted in faith.

He resides in a small town in Oregon with his wife Brianna and their beloved 6 year old daughter Averie.
Discover how Austin grew his Instagram account from 1,076 followers to over 100,000+ followers in 100 days without using paid ads or spending more than 20 minutes a day posting on Instagram.

Austin has always had a strong passion for leadership and helping people in the best way possible. He reflected on how he can lead, inspire, and motivate Christians and Entrepreneurs on Instagram in a unique way. That is when he developed the Instagram Growth Hack Strategy.

Within his first month of using this strategy, Austin gained 40,000+ followers, had 5 videos with over 1 million+ views, 28 with over 100,000+ views, multiple with over 100,000+ likes, reached 7.7+ million accounts, and engaged 737,000+ accounts.

This strategy has generated thousands of leads for his online business. His purpose with this call is to help you do the same utilizing a key strategy from his C-4 Influence to Income Marketing System. Click on the button below to setup your free 1on1 content strategy session.
High Quality Business Services
From experiencing successful business/entrepreneur startups - to experiencing proper health in the midst of being diagnosed with an "incurable disease," Austin has business and life experience to serve you in multiple ways.

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  • Group Coaching & Consulting
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Austin has been helping entrepreneurs figure out their exact niche, purpose, and vision but also helping them with strategy, execution, and client acquisition. His "Impact to Income Selling System" is a specific formula to help you as a coach unleash your influence and impact to turn into high income. Click the button below to schedule your free strategy session with him.
With extreme success in implementing today's top marketing strategies for his $7-Fig + clients and himself, Austin coaches these strategies to help you land your dream clients every week inside of a private coaching Facebook group. Click the button below to join.
Austin has created and implemented effective marketing strategies to grow his clients' businesses. He works with multiple $7-fig companies & entrepreneurs, helping clients create a "wait list" business by 4xing their client acquisition. Austin also has high-quality video and content production experience to be your go-to source for anything digital marketing-related. From funnel development, email marketing, content creation, website creation, SM optimization, and more, click the button below to email him and his team what you're looking for to schedule a call with him.
Austin has ten years of website building, design, and hosting experience and manages multiple client websites. He utilizes a website platform that's an all-in-one tool completely designed for streamlining your online services with built-in email automation, lists, campaigns, unlimited web pages, funnel experiences, and more.
Austin has worked with multiple 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs to bring value to their audience in different speaking engagements such as in-person events, podcasts, interviews, videos, live Q&As, worship events (in-person & virtual/online), sponsorship opportunities, etc. Top entrepreneurs he's worked with include Nick & Megan Unsworth, Coffey Anderson, James Malinchak, Justin Bell, Matt Hersh, LaKeisha Michelle, Billy Sticker, John Malott, and more! So, if you're looking to book Austin for your event or you want to be a guest on his podcast, click the button below and send an email for your inquiry.
Austin Has Worked With Hundreds Of Clients
From experiencing successful business/entrepreneur startups - to experiencing proper health while being diagnosed with an "incurable disease," Austin has business and life experience that has served and blessed many.

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Arilinde Sapkota - Business Coach @Arilinde.Sapkota

"It's been great working with Austin...God at the center of business and our business as a worship service to the Lord."

Vassy Siedman - Photography & Brand Coach

"Without Austin I wouldn't be where I'm at today...If you want to jump to the next level in your online business, join Austin's training."

Rim Chertka - Online Entrepreneur

"I was experiencing fear, doubt, despair and my coaching session with him was TRULY life changing..."

Elena Pemberton - Business Coach for Restaurant Owners

"Applied the strategies he had given me and see them work is so exciting! If you need a coach, I had a great experience with Austin."

Dr. Brad Wolf - Chiropractor & Visionary

"Austin's a tremendous coach, has a very positive outlook on life, and an incredible knowledge base to help you live your best life possible."

Denise Nelson - Visual Arts Healer

"If you have any coaching needs, he's the one to go to. I was stuck and he helped me figure out what to do. He has great business sense."

Get access today and receive bonus video modules, community, resources & more.

Retail: $297 | Save 90% [pre-launch discount]


Get access today and receive bonus video modules, community, resources & more.

Retail: $297 | Save 90% [pre-launch discount]


From Disease To WonLifestyle
Speaking Engagements
Motivating Your Audience To Take Purposeful Action
Austin has worked with multiple entrepreneurs and business owners to bring incredible value to their audiences. From multiple in person events for speaking & worship leading, to podcasts, summits, and more, Austin will bring value to your audience through the topics of faith, business, marketing, and mindset.

Hire Austin today for speaking engagements to support you and your event or contact him for sponsorship opportunities, including being on his Kingdom Purpose Podcast, to promote your product or service to over 145,000+ of his followers.
  • Podcasts & Interviews
  • ​Summits & Events
  • DFY Ad Promo Videos
  • ​& More...
Giving You The Right Systems & Support To Maximize Your Influence, Impact, & Income


Better time management to focus on all things that you love.


Making a meaningful impact that will last for generations.


Living your best life blessing others and on purpose with God.
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